Create a Hotmail Account

Windows live hotmail is a free email service accessible from any part of the world. This service is fast and some nice features like anti spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus to avoid any problems in accessing the account.  Microsoft made a new version of messaging service in 2013 called and all the hotmail accounts are accessible through outlook now. For creating hotmail account, you need an internet connection and a web browser.

Starting The Process

To start the process of creating a hotmail account, log on to You will reach the home page of hotmail email service. Look for the “Sign Up” option in the page and click on it to load the “create an account page”. Your hotmail account and windows Live ID is the same and this will provide you with access to various other services from Microsoft such as Xbox live, messenger, etc. You can fill up the Sign Up form to create the hotmail account.

Filling The Form

You need to fill in the details in the boxes provided in “create hotmail account” page. You need to enter your username or email address that you want to use for your hotmail account, the preferred password for the account and alternative email address. Microsoft will ask you to select another email address if the address preferred by you is already in use by any other person.  You can select the options provided by Microsoft or try a different username.

Creating The Password

You need to create a secure password for your hotmail account.  The password should be easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. You can use numbers, alphabets in uppercase as well as in lowercase to create the password. It should have at least eight characters and not more than 16.   You can select a password reset security question in case you forget your password. Microsoft will ask this question when you have trouble in accessing the account using the password. Enter the answer for the security question. You need to complete filling all the boxes in the create account page with appropriate details.

Verification And Agreement

There is a section on this page which allows hotmail to verify that you are a human and not a robot. There will be a CAPTCHA code provided in a box. You need to re-enter the code in the box provided. If you find the code difficult to understand you can click on the “new” option or you can opt to hear the audio recording of the code. Once you complete filling all the information, you need to agree to the terms and conditions for using the hotmail service offered by Microsoft by clicking on “I Accept” option. You will now have your hotmail account created. You can start using your account, once you receive the welcome message from the hotmail service in your inbox. If you get any error message once again, go through the input given by you and make the necessary corrections. You can access windows live services like calendar, messenger, contacts, Xbox Live, etc. using the login details of your Hotmail account.

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