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Hotmail Sign in: When you choose an email account or service you need to ensure that they put emphasis on security. For that reason Hotmail is a stable email service to use. You will surely have no problem with security and ease of access when you are using Hotmail. Indeed, with Hotmail you will get innovative features and security as these have been ramped up by Microsoft. Hotmail has undergone a sea of changes from the time it was first introduced in the late twentieth century.

hotmailcom sign in was introduced at a time when web based email had not been introduced. At such a time when people were dependent on ISPs to provide them an email account for a fee, Hotmail was launched as a free web based email service. As a result, it allowed one access to their email from anywhere, as long as a computer had internet access:

  • All one had to do was log onto their web browser.
  • Type in the domain address of Hotmail:
  • They would find the login panel on the official page of Hotmail.
  • As a result, they would be able to use their username and password and access their account.

Soon Hotmail came under Microsoft’s banner. It was made part of MSN service. Hence, one could log onto MSN’s website as well as Hotmail’s in order to access their Hotmail email account. Microsoft ensured that the security and inbox features were enhanced for the convenience of the Hotmail users. Microsoft soon integrated its services further. Today, Hotmail has been further consolidated under Outlook email service offered by Microsoft. All email services of Microsoft have been brought under this domain. This domain offers the following advantages:

  • One can log onto or
  • When one types in they will be redirected to
  • Here one will find the sign in panel.
  • It is easy to enter the username and password and access one’s account, whether it is of Outlook or Hotmail.
  • One would need to enter their username in full such as
  • Once one key in the password one would get to sign into their account.

There are certain changes that have been introduced in the sign in process. Microsoft has introduced the two step verification process at the time of signing up. For existing users Microsoft urges them to add in the additional security password information to get their accounts updated in security measures. The process of signing in has been made secure and easy in the following way:

  • One can choose to save their password if they are using their personal computer.
  • It is also possible to bypass entering the password and simply get a verification pin sent to one’s registered phone number.
  • That will help eliminate the chances of hacking as well as save users the headache of having to remember their password every time.

At the time when Microsoft took over Hotmail, it was one of a kind, the only web based email service that was free for use. It brought freedom to most users who could access their email account from anywhere, as long as they had access to a computer with internet access. Soon, Microsoft started its consolidation process. It combined MSN and Hotmail under the live domain. Those who typed in were redirected to Today, Hotmail users are redirected to This domain is the new consolidated web email platform of Microsoft. Whether you own a Hotmail or Outlook account, you will be able to access it through The changes that have been introduced are as follows:

  • Those who have existing Hotmail accounts can log onto their account through
  • The platform allows one to securely access their Hotmail account.
  • The email interface has changed with several innovative features added to the inbox layout and functions.
  • Those who have a Windows based Outlook email address will also be able to log onto their account through this domain.
  • For opening a new Hotmail account, one would have to come to
  • Here one can choose to have a address though this domain is now being merged with

There are several advantages being offered on the new mail interface for the existing Hotmail users. The mails are organized in different categories as per the wishes of the mail users. Social media accounts can be easily linked to one’s account through the new interface. Again, the existing Hotmail account ID allows one access to a wide range of Microsoft’s services. From Skype to Xbox, you can use the same account to log on and use these different services from Microsoft.

In order to make the account access secure, the following steps have been added as part of the two step verification process:

  • Enter a valid phone number at the time of signing up.
  • Verify the same by typing in the code received by SMS.
  • Enter an alternate email address.
  • These details can be updated under the Security tab for existing Hotmail users as well.

Once these details are updated, you can ask for a verification code to be sent to your registered mobile every time you are signed in. It also suppresses the password verification process. In case your mobile is not accessible, you can ask for verification code or link to be sent to your alternate email ID. These steps ensure that you sign in remains secure for your Hotmail account, no matter from where you sign in.

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