Hotmail vs Outlook: The Benefits and Features

Hotmail has been in operation since 1996 and is one of the oldest web based free email service. Hotmail was acquired by the popular software company Microsoft in 1997 and it got renamed to MSN Hotmail. Then, it became Windows Live Hotmail in 2005 and now from 2012, it is called as the

hotmail features 2016

You can still log on to your Hotmail inbox account in either Windows Live sign in page or sign in page by using your Hotmail username and password. The outlook is an improved version and the latest version of the email service offered by Microsoft. Hotmail users can now make sue of the added features offered by Outlook using their Hotmail log in details.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy while using the Outlook service. The user interface of Outlook is very easy and intuitive and you can do a lot of things from your inbox using Outlook. With the new, Microsoft is competing with the likes of popular email service Gmail. is always on the regular update mode to offer better options for its users. With Outlook, you will be able to enjoy complementary benefits like SkyDrive, People and Calendar and also offers you an option to archive your emails by using a single button.

Some of the major features that are offered by which was not a feature of Hotmail services are: Skype integration, Google Talk integration, IMAP support, two factor authentication support and great alias management. The storage space has also been increased and you can enjoy using Outlook for a long time without any worries about exceeding storage capacity. There is no doubt that service is far better than what Hotmail used to offer and the smooth transition of your Hotmail account to Outlook inbox now gives you more advanced features to play with.

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