How Procedure To Sign Up Hotmail?

Creating a Hotmail account   

There are plenty of steps that you need to follow to create a Hotmail account and to use the features on offer from Microsoft. Even though there are plenty of steps to be completed, the sign up process is not a tedious task and can be done easily.


The following are the initial steps to create a new Hotmail account.

  • You will need to first enter the home page of Hotmail. For this, you should open a web browser and type in the address bar.
  • You will be instantly taken to the sign in page as Hotmail has been changed to Outlook now. There is nothing to worry. You can create a Hotmail account on this page. Just click on the ‘No account? Create one!’ option you find on the page. You will love this page and find that it offers a very simple and neat interface. This is the sign in page that you will land up on every time you want to sign into your Hotmail account.
  • Once you have clicked on the create account button, you will be directed to a new page. This is the Microsoft account creation page and you will come across a sign up form on this page where you need to fill a few particulars to create an account.
  • The first type box that you see on the account creation form is in your name. You will find two type boxes next to each other where you should enter your last and the first name. Both fields have to be filled correctly in order to process your account creation.

Creating username and password

The next two fields are very important ones and they are from the username and the password. The username is the one that will be seen by your friends and other contacts when you send mails to them. As you are creating a Hotmail email account, your username should be having the format The username that you choose could be your name followed by the If the username you type has been taken up, Hotmail will intimate the same to you and ask you to type another username. It will keep on promoting to type a new username until you find a username that has not yet been taken up. Once you complete the username field, you will move on the password field. This is another important field and you will have to try and enter a unique and strong password that cannot be easily hacked or found out by internet fraudsters.  It would be ideal that you create a password that contains upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters. The Hotmail password must be a minimum of 8 characters long. An example password: Aa2BBbcC@. You should create a password that is strong, but ensure that the password is one that you can remember easily. Once you have typed in the password, you will be asked to key in the same password in the next field.

Personal information

The next few steps in the Hotmail account creation process will ask for some basic information about you.

  • The first field here will be your country/region. Just click on the drop down menu to locate your country and then click on it.
  • The next field will be your birth date field, where you need to enter your month, day and year and everything can be chosen from the drop down menu.
  • The next option is for the gender; choose the correct one from the drop down list.

6Security info

The following fields are very important and will help to protect your info and keep your account safe online. You should enter correct details in these fields to make your account as secure as possible.

  • The first field under the info protection will be your country code. You can choose your country code from the drop down list in the box. You will find your country name along with the code in the list and click on the right one.
  • The next option is for your phone number. This is where Hotmail will send information about resetting your password. It also helps to keep your account safe. Hence, enter a valid and in use phone number.
  • There is also an option to choose an alternate email address option instead of the phone number to get control of your Hotmail account.

Final steps

The system wants to make sure that you are a human being looking to open up a Hotmail email account and not a robot. So, you will be asked to enter a CAPTCHA code in the box provided at the fag end of the sign up page. The characters will look confusing and in a weird manner. You will have to identify the correct characters and enter it correctly in the box. If you are not able to identify the characters seen on the screen, you can click on the ‘New’ option to get another CAPTCHA code. You can also opt for the audio option to listen to the characters and type it in the respective box. Once the code is entered correctly, you can finish the sign up process by clicking on the last button ‘sin up’ or ‘create an account’ option to successfully complete the creation of a new Hotmail email account. You will be directed to your Hotmail inbox.

7Hotmail sign in

Signing into the Hotmail account is a very simple process.

  • Go to a new web browser window and type
  • You will be directed to the Microsoft Outlook sign in page.
  • In the first type box, enter the username or your email address that ends with correctly.
  • Move on to the next box and key in the password for this username. As the password is case sensitive, make sure that caps lock is turned off on your computer.
  • After you have entered both the fields correctly, just click on the sign in option to instantly access your Hotmail inbox. Make sure you sign out after using Hotmail.

Hotmail is a very popular and free web based email service offered by Microsoft. It is a tool that will allow you to send and receive mails along with important attachments and documents, links or photos to your dear and near ones living in any part of the globe. The receiver will receive your email the very instant you send it through Hotmail. To enjoy this free web based service from Microsoft, you need to have a computer and it has to have an internet connection. Hotmail offers plenty of attractive features that make your emailing experience easy and enjoyable. You will find the Hotmail service to be a thoroughly pleasant one. With the integration of various programs like Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Office, Xbox Live, etc., in the Hotmail service, you can work on these programs from your Hotmail inbox itself. Also, with the option of one Microsoft account, you need not have to create individual accounts to use all these services. You can access any of the web based programs offered by Microsoft using your Hotmail username and password.

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